Our Vision

The Opportunity

The travel industry is already a powerful, global force. Let's use that force for GOOD. Tourism is one of the world's largest industries, employing 1 in 11 people and generating US$7.2 trillion annually. Tourism is providing income opportunities in communities around the world, but this is not always balanced with positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

Our Solution

GOOD Travel was founded in 2013 to promote and facilitate travel that has a positive impact. We're 100% committed to working with tourism businesses that are making a positive impact on the community, environment, and economy. By pioneering a new vision for tourism, GOOD Travel will change the face and experience of travel, and ultimately create a better world.

Our Vision

We promote and facilitate travel that gives back to the local community, economy, and environment.

We aim to educate, inform and share knowledge with travellers and businesses to encourage sustainable and responsible tourism.


We are 100% committed to working with businesses making a positive impact on community, environment, and economy. We are in the business of making change. With you, and for you. Let's work together to use travel as an opportunity for economic, environmental and social change.


We are linked to many of our tourism partners through collaborations created during time living in host countries and working in international non-profits. When we don't already have existing partnerships, we rely on trusted referrals and extensive research. No shortcuts here.

We're experienced.

Our guides have backgrounds in tourism, social entrepreneurship, international development and interactive journalism. We live the GOOD that we lead.

GOOD, too.

We are a GOOD business ourselves. For each trip, we make a donation to a vetted, local charity. In addition, we offset the carbon footprint of all GOOD guides.

here for you.

We specialise in personalised trips, building an entire GOOD trip out of the needs and interests of you and your group. We love working with student groups, corporate groups, food aficionados, and adventurers of all ages.


We love to share our passion for travelling GOOD with others. Our trip guides will take you off the beaten track for unique and authentic experiences. Their enthusiasm for travel will inspire you to really connect with the country you're visiting.

Our Pillars of Change


We partner with tourism businesses that take pro-environment action: energy and water conservation, waste reduction and recycling, educational programmes on environmental protection, the use of eco-products/services, organic food sources, sustainable farming, wildlife and habitat conservation, donating to an environmental cause and similar.


All our tourism partners proactively support their communities: donating of funds or resources to community projects, training and employment of marginalised groups, training and career advancement opportunities for staff, discounts for marginalised people, providing fair wages and ensuring a safe, discrimination-free working environment for all staff.


Keep it local. Keep it fair. Our economic aim is focused on ensuring that our tourism partners are supporting local business and economy: buying products locally, employing a high percentage of staff from local areas, and ensuring the local economy is benefiting as much as possible from our visit.

What do we do?

We find and research great travel businesses that fit the GOOD Travel ethos, so that you don't have to.

Work with us to build a custom itinerary, join an existing trip, or learn more about how and where you can travel positively.
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