Our Purpose

How we work

The Centre for GOOD Travel is a social enterprise dedicated to a regenerative approach to tourism. We believe that through transforming why and how we travel, tourism has the potential to contribute to thriving communities and environments.

Founded in New Zealand, we are a women-led, global team with a shared vision of transforming travel for a thriving world. We recognise our place within the larger systems within which tourism operates and the importance of making impact across whole systems if we are to see widespread change. We work towards our vision through meaningful partnerships with travellers, tourism businesses and host communities.
Transforming the Tourism System 

With a lofty vision of transforming the tourism industry for a thriving world, we adopt a living systems approach to help us understand how we interact with, contribute to and rely on different systems within and beyond the tourism ecosystem. 

Through adopting a living systems approach to our work and goals as a business, we’re able to discern the unique role The Centre for GOOD Travel has to play in developing a regenerative approach to tourism. Through this lens, we can ask better questions of ourselves and our sector, see where we can collaborate with and support others, and see how our work can have a ripple effect on the ever-larger systems we’re a part of. 

As reflected in our systems graphic, we aim to create impact and develop capabilities in three main systems: 

Partner Destinations: Within these geographic regions we can add capability to our partners and host communities through our trips.

Tourism Regenerators: We are part of a network of ‘tourism regenerators’ globally and add capability to this network directly through our storytelling and capability building offerings.

Visitors: We work to add capability to our ecosystem of travellers through our trips, pledges, and storytelling so that they can contribute positively during their travels and ultimately return benefit to their local communities upon their return home 
What We Offer
We host Experiences for small groups of travellers that are carefully designed to ensure our travellers have a fun and transformative adventure while contributing meaningfully to the places they visit. Our intention is also that our travellers are inspired to affect change in their communities upon their return home. 

We offer Capability Building services through our consultations, courses and community of practice for tourism entities and host communities, organisations and businesses. We also provide free access to our research and resources for travellers and tourism professionals who want to learn more about how to travel and work in a way that supports thriving communities and environments.

We use Storytelling to create a new story for tourism.We uplift stories of active hope and transformation in tourism through podcasting, blogs, resources and co-created storytelling projects with communities and organisations.