Our Impact

At The Centre for GOOD Travel, we acknowledge that our travellers, partners and supporters are behind every one of our achievements. Thank you for your support and for choosing to be part of the movement to transform the tourism industry for a thriving world.

Annual Impact Reports

We are excited to share with you our Annual Impact Reports. We hope these will give you an indication of our commitment to sustainability and an insight into the kinds of activities we have been involved in to contribute to building a more sustainable, ethical and impactful tourism industry.

Some of our recent achievements and impact include:
Reaching over 630,000 people with key messages about sustainable, ethical and responsible tourism.
Donating over $26,000 to support sustainable development initiatives, including an entrepreneurship programme in Tanzania and a learning centre for Burmese migrants in Thailand.
Supporting 25 research projects to further our knowledge in sustainable tourism and how to most effectively influence tourist behaviour for GOOD.

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Traveller Testimonials

But numbers only show a small part of our story. What we're most proud of are the individual people we have had the privilege to both support and learn from. Our mission at GOOD Travel is to inspire and empower travellers to transform the tourism industry into a force for GOOD, and we love hearing from our travellers about how their experiences with us have transformed the ways in which they view their role as travellers and global citizens.
"The ecovillage provided a big impact on me. Margarita, the manager of the village, was most informative about how it operates. I am now even more committed to organic produce and reducing my carbon footprint."
Iceland Trip Participant
"I would describe the GOOD Travel Thailand Experience I recently went on as transformative. If being immersed in rustic culture calls you forth, this trip will engage and elevate your thinking, regardless of what you think right now."
Thailand Trip Participant
"Our trip to Fiji was fun and educational for the kids as well as character building and deeply moving. I have been inspired to continue to travel in a way that will make a positive impact and I have found I can only do that well with GOOD Travel. What a beautiful thing to teach my girls. Thank you."
Fiji Trip Participant

Feedback or ideas?

One of our core values at GOOD Travel is continuous learning, and we'd love to learn from you! Please contact us to share your feedback or suggestions for how we can improve our work and widen our impact.
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