Our Purpose

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to develop the capabilities of travellers, tourism businesses and host communities to co-create a regenerative approach to tourism for a thriving world. 

We believe our current global situation of multiple crises requires that each of us change how we live, work and play. We must figure out how we contribute to the thriving of the communities, places, and ecosystems where we live and visit, and upon which we rely. This shift is essential to the sustainability of our sector, and to the resilience of our planet. 

We believe tourism and travel have the potential to enable this shift. However, for tourism to contribute in this way and to become regenerative, we must fundamentally redesign tourism’s purpose and role from traveller through to host communities. 

Travel has traditionally served the needs of the traveller, often at the expense of the places and communities we visit. We believe an alternative is possible and work towards a tourism model that  regenerates travellers, host communities, and  environments.