Podcasting for Community Engagement

Stories have power. They shape our thinking and how we view the world. They inform our values and how we live our lives. But now we’re starting to realise that many of the stories we retell and share are not fit for the world we currently live in, or the challenges we’ll face in the future. And many are not relevant to our community or our place.

We need new stories. Stories of hope and new possibilities. Stories of our own places, by our own people. Imagine being able to gather and share the stories of your people, from your community, for your community. What are their aspirations for a new way forward? What will they tell you when literally handed the mic?

Value Delivered

Work with us

Our comprehensive process includes the following:
  • Project Development: Co-design goals & intended outcomes, project research and familiarisation, interview question design.
  • Project administration: logistics, guest selection, guest research, guest scheduling, podcast hosting platform recommendations, success checklist for client completion.
  • Production: recoding, editing, audio mastering, audio file creation.
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Case Study: Flinders Island

In collaboration with Designing Tourism, we co-crated a community engagement podcast for Flinders Island as part of their Islander Way Project - read more about the project here.