GOOD Awaits Podcast

The GOOD Awaits Podcast is hosted by the Centre for GOOD Travel's Debbie Clarke, Director of Regenerative Development, and Josie Major, Director of Regenerative Programmes.

Through thought-provoking, knowledgeable and inspiring conversations with pioneers and practitioners of regenerative tourism, they are exploring a new way forward for our sector.
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A shift in tourism

Regenerative tourism goes beyond sustainable tourism and focuses on ensuring communities and places are improved through tourism. It looks at communities as living systems, of which tourism businesses are a part, and asks how tourism can contribute to thriving communities. It calls for a mindset shift, a new way of approaching tourism and calls for a new way of thinking.

The GOOD Awaits Podcast continues these conversations and more, serving as a platform of collective discovery.

Recent episodes:

Episode 18: Tourism's Interconnectedness: Regenerative Food Systems

This is the first of 3 episodes exploring how tourism can support regenerative food systems, local food resiliency, and help shape local food stories.

Episode 17: Technology Innovations in Tourism

In this episode we talk with Michael Nees, an inbound tour operator who is exploring the possibilities and potential of technology to create innovative and immersive tourism experiences.

Episode 15: Destination Management for Regenerative Tourism

This two part mini-series shares the journey that Aotearoa New Zealand’s 31 Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) initiated during the pause of the pandemic.

Episode 14: Designing the Future of Hospitality

We spoke to The Regeneration Collection about their international event for Bachelors students in Hospitality, Conservation & Architecture that focuses on regenerative design for hospitality concepts.

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