Beyond the Bucket List

This guide will support GOOD travellers with moving beyond the bucket list mentality to seek out slower and more meaningful experiences. Next time you travel, don't go for that "must-have" photograph, the stamp in your passport or to tick countries off a list, but rather go with purpose and passion to have a positive impact on the people and places you visit.
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Remarkable Stories

Inside the guide, you will find eight inspiring stories from women across the globe. Their stories shaped the way they travel and the lives they now lead.

Insights and Tips

They showcase destinations such as Thailand, South Africa, Morocco, Vietnam, São Tomé and Príncipe and more, and they provide tips on how to be responsible and sustainable travellers.


The destinations and experiences we share in the eBook are not a checklist, but rather a source of inspiration for the types of experiences that are possible once we as travellers rethink the way in which we travel.

Practical Examples

It is our hope that this guide will ignite your wanderlust while also providing practical examples for how the tourism industry can be a force for GOOD, both for travellers and destinations.
Why our eBook?


This guide is based on the experiences of sustainable travel experts from across the globe.

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