GOOD transport within Europe

Hana Kolouchova
Jul 23, 2023

Europe has long been a popular tourist destination for tourists, with the most recent statistics showing three of the top five most visited destinations in the world are in Europe

Guest blogger, Hana Kolouchova, has lived and travelled throughout Europe. In this article she shares her advice and practical tips for how GOOD travellers can be more mindful about how they travel both within and between European countries. Over to Hana!


Train services in Europe are an excellent alternative to flights. You'll not only be reducing your carbon footprint, but train tickets are often cheaper and enable you to have a more interesting travel experience. If you're planning a trip to several European countries, The Eurail Pass provides a great option. The Eurail Pass will give you access to several national railway services as well as discounts at hostels in capital cities. There are a variety of Eurail Passes to choose from depending on your preferences. 

Another GOOD option to reduce costs and receive discounts for various services is to become a member of a national railway provider. This option can be especially worthwhile if you are planning to travel for a longer time-period. The rail services most frequently used in North, West, and Central Europe are listed at the end of the article for your reference.


There are well-established bus companies that serve the European continent and some offer excellent services. For example Regiojet, a Czech bus, train, and flight company offers complimentary beverages and newspaper/magazines on their bus and train services, as well as low-cost food options. 

Other private bus companies with routes across Europe include; Eurolines (DU), FlixBus (DU), LeoExpress (CZ), Polskibus (PL) and Alsa (SP). These bus companies offer a variety of schedules to suit your needs and Flixbus offer regular discounts when subscribed to their e-newsletter.


Another option for travelling overland is car-sharing. Car-pooling companies in Europe include options like Blabla Car, which aims to be the world’s leading carpooling platform. By car-sharing, you'll not only save money but also have the opportunity to get to know other travellers. 

Scooters, bicycles and Segways

There are many European tour operators that offer short city tours using scooters, bikes, and Segways, as well as companies that offer cycling holidays in Europe. One option is Responsible Travel who offer tours ranging from self-guided rides in Croatia to cycling tours for food lovers in Spain.

In addition, a growing number of European cities to offer self-service bikes. Examples include Cyclocity in France and Bycyklen in Denmark.

Ferries and boats

Ferries offer a GOOD alternative to flights for countries divided by the sea, such as Estonia and Finland. In Southern Europe, Italy and Spain share many sea routes across the Balearic and Tyrrhenian Seas while other Mediterranean countries, such as France, Italy, Croatia, and Greece also share routes overseas routes. 

Boats are also popular in cities that have been built on major rivers, such as the Danube River in Budapest, the Vltava River in Prague and the Seine River in Paris. Many European cities offer fun options for exploring the city by boat. For example, GoBoat in Copenhagen gives you the opportunity to explore the canals of Copenhagen by solar-powered boat. Their fleet is partly made from empty recycled plastic bottles and the table tops on board are made of Norwegian, environmentally-friendly wood. The next generation of GoBoats will be made from 100% recycled fiber materials from Vestas wind turbines.

In summary...

To be a GOOD traveller in Europe it is essential that you are mindful when selecting which mode of transport you will use. In addition, take the time to research the transport businesses you support to ensure that their values align with yours. Any additional suggestions for more sustainable forms of transport in Europe? Please share in the comments below!

European National Railway Services

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July 23, 2023
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