Top 10 ecofriendly travel products for 2017

Jade Charpentier
Jul 23, 2023

No, you are not a hippie. Maybe more of a pragmatic free spirit?  

One thing is for sure, you’re in love with planet earth, you want to keep exploring it all as long as possible, and you wish for others after you to be able to do the same.  

So, it only makes sense to protect our beautiful Earth the best you can. Can relate?

If so, you will be as excited as I am about the following 10 eco-friendly travel products. Get ready for your summer 2017 trip!

These practical and useful products for green and responsible travel are a real game changer and will surely match with your eco-conscious, yet efficient packing style!  

1. Reusable containers and utensils

In my book, packing something you can use repeatedly is a no brainer. Travelers common knowledge: we’re all about packing that backpack (or suitcase) more efficiently.  Turns out, packing efficiently is so much earth-friendlier too!  For travel-size shampoo & soap containers, choose something small enough to pass security screening and made from BPA-free material.  To store your leftovers or to have a snack while you’re on the road, there’s plenty of helpful BPA-free goodies available, like this cute collapsible food container; just the right size to be carried literally anywhere.  

Quick fact: Did you know that low-level releases of BPA (which is an industrial chemical) to the environment are a thing?  That’s why going BPA-free is more eco-friendly.

2. Foldable daypack and reusable bag

Love this foldable daypack size and packability.  It’s super sleek and lightweight, but what surprised me the most is that it also passes the test for heavier loads.  It is strong, durable and awesome.  This foldable backpack is perfect for day hikes, for trips to the market and minimalist travel - I tried it once, and now I won't depart without it.  It can be packed up into a carrying mini pouch for easy compact storing when not in use. +1 for efficiency!  Ultimately, what really sealed the deal between us is that it is 100% made from recycled materials, including recycled plastic bottles! Plus, it gives back to protect world oceans and is made under fair labor conditions. +1 for sustainability!

3. Purifier water bottle

Just pour in water to the fill line, insert the inner part with filter on the bottom, push down and clean, great-tasting water is inside ready to drink. Simple.  Fast.  Efficient.  The beautiful design makes it easy to clip to a biner when not in use or stow away in a regular water bottle holder, just like this pretty bottle carrier made from recycled plastic bottles!  Being able to refill at any shady bathroom sink is so much better (and cheaper!) than buying single-use bottles that often end up in the landfill.

4. Solar powered light

The day I decided to go solar, my life as a traveler changed, for good.  I mean, solar life is giving me the freedom to get out and stay out doing the things that I love, without compromising on my values.

There’s so many cool solar gadgets available, and one of them is actually changing the world for the better.  Not only does the LuminAID Max Light reduce my use of electricity (and carbon footprint), but it’s bringing light into the lives of those in need, by giving back actual lights to people in developing countries.

Plus, it’s lightweight, inflatable, waterproof, portable, shatterproof and durable...What more can you ask?

5. Recycled towel

I’m so happy to have found the most versatile towel out there.  It is not only GORGEOUS, but also made from 100% recycled materials! Can you believe that daily travel necessity is up to par with Vegan and Fair-Trade standards? That means, you can go about your travel life knowing your shower buddy is doing GOOD for the world.

6. Bamboo toothbrush with biodegradable toothpaste

Now, let me introduce you to my best travel pal, Bamboo Toothbrush.  I love the feel of the soft bristles and the beautiful wooden handle.  She’s compostable, 100% vegan, biodegradable, durable, beyond fair trade and helps reduce plastic pollution.  She’s the most reliable partner out there, along with this Bamboo Travel Case and this Biodegradable, Vegan Toothpaste made with plants & minerals sourced locally and real flavours, which is better for the environment!

7. Reusable earplugs

As a traveler, you also know that unwanted noise on a flight or a bus ride can be quite painful. And let us also not forget that very quiet and peaceful hostel nights are hard to come by.  If you like the assurance of a carefree trip and comfortable nights of sleep, get your hands on those special travel earplugs.  They are reusable, washable, recyclable!

8. Leggings made from recycled plastic bottles

To me, leggings are classified as an essential travel item: versatile pants for a versatile lifestyle!  I wear them to hike, to layer under shorts in the cold, to go out or simply to relax by a campfire. I like that these black leggings have a high and low waistband option that is elastic free; they don’t cut into you as you and your backpack go about your day.  The recycled material (recycled plastic bottles + spandex) they’re made of is simply out of this world.  I’ve never had leggings that comfy providing that great of a support.  Plus, the idea that they’re 100% animal friendly and are made under great working conditions under sunny California is simply heartwarming to me.

9. Packing cubes made from recycled plastic bottles

These specific travel organizers will make you step up your packing game! I never thought you could actually feel good about packing cubes, until I found out that 7 to 10 recycled plastic bottles were diverted from the landfill to make these babies.  The whole thing is made from recycled materials, even the zippers! Those packing cubes make packing so much easier, and greener!

10. Bamboo sunglasses

Quick fact : Did you know that bamboo is a natural eco friendly sustainable material? Bamboo grows much faster than trees, requires less water to grow, and can be reharvested over and over again. 

So, bamboo sunnies are a great stylish alternative with a natural vibe for those adventures at the beach!

Overall, I strongly encourage you to explore minimalist packing and to embrace waste-free travel, because it works.  You can use this top 10 eco-friendly products if you want to be a bit more practical and green on the road.  Don’t forget to choose wisely! It’s not like your carry-on and backpack hold the power to make or break your next trip...or do they? Let me know in the comments: which eco-friendly travel gear does it every time for you?

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July 23, 2023
5 min read