Go Electric Eco Tour

Ever wanted to try an electric vehicle, but worried about the range and where to charge? Download our beautiful eGuide to say farewell to range anxiety and planning stress, and enjoy this unique, sustainable experience in the South Island of New Zealand.

Created by GOOD Travel and Eco Villa.
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Comprehensive guide

Our Go Electric Tour eGuide, developed in partnership with Eco Villa, is a comprehensive guide book that covers all the information you need to plan an incredible road trip in the central South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Interactive map

Our eGuide will give you access to an interactive map with driving routes, suggested local GOOD eatiers, and super fast charging stations. This interactive Google Map shows you exactly where and when to charge up.

Flexible & easy-to-follow

Our eGuide and map have been designed to give you the flexibility to create your own experience depending on how long you have whilst simulatenously giving you clear and easy-to-follow route to take away the stress that goes into planning a road trip.

Discounts included

The eGuide includes discount codes, which will save you up to $400 when booking at our carefully selected accommodation, activity and electric vehicle hire partners who are leading the way in building a more sustainable tourism industry.
Why our eGuide?


We have partnered with both Thrifty and GO Rentals to give you two options for trying out an electric vehicle. Thrifty offers the opportunity to hire a Hyundai IONIQ EV - or you can upgrade to a Tesla Model 3 with GO Rentals! Our comprehensive eGuide will free you from range anxiety by giving you all the information you need to plan your itinerary each day, including access to an interactive online map of charging locations.
Get the most from your trip


You will receive a special code in your eGuide, which will give you a discount at all accommodation, tours and car hire companies included in this itinerary - saving you up to $400. You'll not only benefit from saving money, but you can also feel GOOD knowing that every business involved in this project is locally-owned and operated; every dollar you spend stays in New Zealand.
Make a positive contribution


We have carefully selected accommodations and activity partners that share our vision for a more sustainable tourism industry. Many of our partners are certified Qualmark Gold, members of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment, and actively committed to the Tiaki Promise.

Our partners

During lockdown, Nisha Duncan from Eco Villa was reminiscing about an incredible road trip she’d done with her family. The intention of their trip had been to meet like-minded eco businesses in the South Island and they were so inspired by all the amazing accommodations and tours they had come across. Nisha wanted to share what she had experienced with others and also find a way to support these businesses who, like Eco Villa, had invested so much into developing a sustainable business. Nisha reached out to GOOD Travel, and the vision for the Go Electric Eco Tour was born.

Everything about this venture is collaborative. Our goal is to support our accommodation and tour partners through increased direct bookings. We also hope to inspire travellers to try out an electric vehicle and become more aware about what it means to be a GOOD traveller. GOOD Travel and EcoVilla do not benefit in any way from the recommendations we make in the guide. Rather, all recommended accommodations, tour operators and restaurants have been selected because they share our vision for a more sustainable tourism industry.

Download the free eGuide now!

You will also receive a special code in your eGuide, which will give you a discount at all accommodation, tours and car hire companies included in this itinerary - valued up to $400.
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