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GOOD & Well Retreat Details

This restorative 6 day retreat will begin with your arrival into Santo Domingo. Here you will be met at the airport by the trip facilitators and you will then travel as a group to the resort in Barahona. The first few days of the retreat will give you the opportunity to get to know the local community and environment.

Our journey will round out with a two-day retreat programme facilitated by JenTex Training & Consulting in various areas of self-care and wellness. Yoga, meditation, creativity, energy healing and more holistic health care will be on the menu. This retreat is deigned to send you home refreshed and diving into your life with new energy and passion.

Dates: 3-8 September 2017

What's GOOD and Well?

What’s GOOD about this trip is that it has been designed to ensure that the local community, economy and environment benefit from your visit. From accommodations, meals and excursions to $100 of your trip fee, our focus is always on sustainable and ethical travel.

What’s WELL about this journey is that it concludes with a retreat that allows you to rest, relax and rejuvenate. This retreat combines down time and other activities to stimulate and nurture your mind, body and spirit. With a particular focus on sustainable living, this retreat will inspire and recharge you before you go home.

Trip Facilitators

The trip will be led by Caitie Goddard from GOOD Travel and Dawn Shedrick from JenTex Training and Consulting. In addition, a number of local guides will be involved in various aspects of the trip.

Dawn Shedrick

Dawn Shedrick is the Founder and Chief Learning Officer of JenTex Training & Consulting. She specialises in providing experiences where social workers, addictions counselors and human services professionals develop new skills and enhance existing ones; connect with new colleagues AND connect with the passion that fuels their noble work. Dawn first joined a GOOD Travel trip to Fiji in 2015 and has since partnered with GOOD Travel to develop the unique concept of GOOD & Well Retreats.

Caitie Goddard

Caitie Goddard is GOOD Travel’s Co-Founder and Director of Communications. Originally from Michigan, she currently lives in Washington D.C. where she also works for an organisation focused on addressing some of the world’s toughest challenges through collaborative innovation in science and technology. Caitie has lived and worked on four continents and uses her background in social entrepreneurship and leadership development to facilitate GOOD Travel trips around the world.

What's included

Earlybird Cost: US$2,699 including all accommodation, meals and activities.

This 6-day journey to the Dominican Republic offers you:

  • An opportunity to relax, reset and recharge at an exquisite sustainable resort. You will share a deluxe room with one other participant.
  • An opportunity for your entire trip to support local communities in the Dominican Republic. Our partner resort is focused on sustainable living and proactively works to support the surrounding communities, environment and economy.
  • A service project in support of the local community near the resort. $100 of your trip fee will directly contribute towards this project.
  • All meals made from the freshest local, organic ingredients. You will experience a unique farm-to-dining experience and you’ll be invited to explore the local garden to learn more about organic gardening.
  • A luxury spa experience as well as a range of other relaxing activities available at the resort.
  • Airport transfers in Santo Domingo, including transport with the group to and from the resort.
  • Exclusive membership in our Dominican Republic 2017 Facebook group, where you’ll get to know your fellow travelers, learn more about the rich histories of the Dominican Republic
  • BONUS: If you are a licensed social worker in most US states and territories (and parts of Canada too!), you can earn up to 5 continuing education credits by participating in the retreat component of this trip!

Please note that the following are not included and are your responsibility to arrange:

  • International travel to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • International health insurance
  • Visa for the Dominican Republic
  • Vaccinations: We strongly encourage you to visit your doctor at least two months prior to the trip to get all the recommended vaccinations.
  • Snacks, drinks, souvenirs

Book your spot now

The earlybird price for our trip to the Dominican Republic is US$2,699.

The non-refundable deposit of US$750 will confirm your spot on the trip. The deadline for deposits to secure the earlybird price is Friday 26 August 2016. Note that this trip is limited to 12 participants so spaces will be allocated on a first-in, first-served basis. If your deposit is received once the trip is already full, you will be provided with a full refund and given priority on our next GOOD & Well Retreat.

Before you make your payment, please make sure you’ve read and understood our terms of service. If there’s anything in our terms of service that you’d like us to clarify just let us know. Please click on the Pay Now button below to confirm that you agree to our terms of service and to pay your US$750 non-refundable deposit via PayPal. If you’d prefer to pay by bank transfer or check, please send us an email and we’ll send you the details.


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A Shift in Tourism

The GOOD Awaits Podcast is hosted by Debbie Clarke, Founder of New Zealand Awaits, and Josie Major, New Zealand Programme Manager for GOOD Travel. Through thought-provoking, knowledgeable and inspiring conversations with pioneers and practitioners of regenerative tourism in New Zealand, they are discovering what “reimagining” tourism looks like.

Regenerative tourism goes beyond sustainable tourism and focuses on ensuring communities and places are improved through tourism. It looks at communities as living systems, of which tourism businesses are a part, and asks how tourism can contribute to thriving communities. It calls for a mindset shift, a new way of approaching tourism and calls for a new way of thinking.

The GOOD Awaits Podcast continues these conversations and more, serving as a platform of collective discovery.

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Interviews include:

  • Anna Pollock - Founder of Conscious.Travel, Anna has 48 years’ experience in tourism as an independent consultant, strategist, international speaker and change agent and is now acclaimed thought leader in the emerging field of regenerative tourism.
  • Kristin Dunne - Tumuaki | Chief Executive of Tāpoi Te Moananui ā Toi at Tourism Bay of Plenty. She has worked in the tourism industry for the past seven years. Kristin is passionate about helping to create a sustainable future for the visitor economy in New Zealand that enhances our visitors’ experience and local communities.
  • Nadine Toe Toe - Co-Director of Kohutapu Lodge & Tribal Tours, a whānau-owned and operated tourism business with a vision to “Change a town through tourism”.
  • Michelle Holliday - Author of The Age of Thrivability and international thought leader in living systems principles.
  • And more!

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