Our Values

We are open to collaboration and to partnerships.

We believe in knowledge sharing. We want to grow our community and share our experience with others. We want to connect our partner businesses with a larger community and we want to connect our travellers to worthwhile businesses. We don’t see competitors, we see partners in an effort of social change. We believe in open-mindedness and foster that trait in our staff and our community.

GOOD Travel is driven by passionate, energetic individuals.

A passion for life and for social change is the foundation of all we do and is an ideal that we celebrate and nurture. We are positively minded and positive in our actions. Our travellers will know we love what we do and the businesses we support will see our matched excitement to see them succeed while doing GOOD!

We believe travel is one of the best teachers.

We strive to enable all travellers to go home having learned something new. We acknowledge that doing GOOD is challenging and complex, and we are constantly working to learn and improve. We encourage constructive feedback from our travellers and partner businesses so we can continue to get better at doing GOOD.

We are open and honest with our GOOD community.

We strive to always be open and honest about our choices and finances. We are open and honest with our partner businesses, our travellers and our staff. We want everyone to understand why we operate the way we do, and why we have made the choices we have.

Integrity is important to us - as a business, and as individuals.

We aim to be fair in all areas. Our business model is built on mutually beneficial relationships and our aim is to assist others in a sustainable way. We treat others with respect, we believe in equality and we support fair practices. We are an inclusive organisation, which celebrates diversity. We love working with people of all sexualities, genders, backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and ethnicities.

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