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GOOD Awaits Aotearoa New Zealand

March 27th - April 8th 2023


A Regenerative Tourism Experience

GOOD Awaits is not your average travel experience. It’s a new kind of trip that fosters ‘GOOD’, hope, resilience, and inspiration. This multi-day experience in Aotearoa New Zealand is a unique example of tourism serving regenerative practice. Motivated by our conversations on the GOOD Awaits podcast, we’ve designed this trip in partnership with local hosts who are regenerating their communities and places. Not only will you get to experience regeneration in practice, we’re hoping you’ll be moved to explore how you can begin to live, work, and play in a way that is truly regenerative. Learn about regenerative practice, experience wonderful host communities and places, and return home with new inspiration and practices for your own regenerative journey.

Debbie Clarke and Josie Major are your guides and facilitators for this multi-day experience. Debbie and Josie met in September 2020 when they co-led a Tourism Design Challenge team to explore solutions for tracking and measuring regeneration in the tourism industry. Their shared values and belief that tourism can be regenerative led to a partnership between GOOD Travel and New Zealand Awaits (hence GOOD Awaits). They've collaborated, supported and mentored each other on a learning journey towards becoming regenerative practitioners. This journey has included completing Anna Pollock and Michelle Holliday’s Back to Life Regenerative Tourism course, Sara Rickards and Bill Reed’s Introduction to Regenerative Design and Development course, and they are currently enrolled in 'The Regenerative Practitioner' Series with Regenesis Institute for Regenerative Practice. Throughout this time they have also co-launched and co-host GOOD Awaits - The Regenerative Tourism NZ podcast - platform of collective discovery of what a regenerative tourism future could look like in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Season 2 of this podcast is currently in development with support from UNESCO New Zealand. Debbie and Josie are deeply committed to using travel as a means of regenerating communities, ecosystems, and visitors and hosts.

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