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Do you want to make a positive impact when you travel? At GOOD Travel we want to help you craft your next GOOD, meaningful and purpose-driven adventure. Our youth trips are educational, fun and affordable and connect our travellers to incredible partners arounf the world that will inspire you and have lasting impact on your life.

Why GOOD Travel?

GOOD Travel specialises in organising tailor-made trips in partnership with individuals and organisations around the world. We have led student and youth trips to South Africa, Peru, Thailand and more and are constantly expanding our destinations. We craft our trips in a way that has a positive impact on the environment, community and economy. Our team members have years of experience creating and leading student trips around the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the tourism industry into a force for GOOD and we believe that youth travellers are the key to making this vision possible.


We are 100% committed to working with businesses making a positive impact on community, environment, and economy. We are in the business of making change. With you, and for you. Let's work together to use travel as an opportunity for economic, environmental and social change.


We are linked to many of our tourism partners through collaborations created during time living in host countries and working in international non-profits. When we don't already have existing partnerships, we rely on trusted referrals and extensive research. No shortcuts here.

We're experienced.

We lead trips all over the world with all kinds of organisations and people. Our trip guides have backgrounds in tourism, social entrepreneurship, international development and interactive journalism. We live the GOOD that we lead.


We are open and honest about how our fees are structured and how your money is spent within the places you visit. We are open to your feedback and are constantly seeking to improve.

here for you.

We specialise in personalised trips, creating tailored trips. The same applies to our youth trips - they are developing for you and with you.

passionate about travel.

We love to share our passion for travelling GOOD with others. Our trip guides will inspire your trip participants to really connect with the country they're visiting as well as with you and the other trip participants.

Our Pillars of Change


We partner with tourism businesses that take pro-environment action: energy and water conservation, waste reduction and recycling, educational programmes on environmental protection, the use of eco-products/services, organic food sources, sustainable farming, wildlife and habitat conservation, donating to an environmental cause and similar.


All our tourism partners proactively support their communities: donating of funds or resources to community projects, training and employment of marginalised groups, training and career advancement opportunities for staff, discounts for marginalised people, providing fair wages and ensuring a safe, discrimination-free working environment for all staff.


Keep it local. Keep it fair. Our economic aim is focused on ensuring that our tourism partners are supporting local business and economy: buying products locally, employing a high percentage of staff from local areas, and ensuring the local economy is benefiting as much as possible from our visit.

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