GOOD Awaits: Partnership with New Zealand Awaits

Shelley Bragg
Jul 23, 2023

As a New Zealand based social-enterprise with tours mostly run internationally, in countries such as Fiji, South Africa, Thailand, Peru and others, this partnership provides the ideal opportunity for GOOD Travel to develop trips that have a positive impact in our home of New Zealand, with a company well experienced in crafting memorable and meaningful tours. 

The collaboration with GOOD Travel brings New Zealand Awaits, an experienced inbound tour company in New Zealand founded on conscious travel principles and a focus on crafting small group trips for women and LGBTQ+ travellers, the support and insights of an internationally-based team and a global network of travellers.

Tourism Design Challenge

Our collaboration began in September 2020 when Josie and Eliza from GOOD Travel teamed up with Debbie Clarke, Founder and Owner of New Zealand Awaits, in a 48 hour Tourism Design Challenge. Josie and Debbie co-led a team to explore the timely question of how to define and measure regenerative travel. This intense weekend challenge initiated a relationship based on a shared passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to regenerative travel.  

GOOD Awaits Trips

The GOOD Awaits co-branded trips will enable people in New Zealand to gain unique experiences in different communities where you will learn about sustainable lifestyles that will inspire you to think about your own life in new ways. It is anticipated these trips will also have international appeal when borders open as many travellers are seeking travel that has a deeper impact on themselves and the communities they visit. 

Journey to Regenerate Tourism Podcast

Another exciting piece to this partnership is the Regenerative Tourism New Zealand podcast, which is being created by Debbie and Josie. The podcast series will be a platform for the collective discovery of what regenerative tourism means, to prompt discussion around the way tourism is being “reimagined” and to create a culture of sharing challenges, successes, models, and stories throughout the regenerative travel journey.

It can be expected that there will be a number of positive initiatives from a partnership grounded on shared values and a shared vision for the tourism industry in New Zealand and globally. 

We are certain that even more GOOD Awaits!

New Zealand: Photo by Rod Long

July 23, 2023
5 min read